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The Ultimate
     One Man Band      

one man, and... so much more

Scott Dunlap

VegasPianoShow is now HERE!

Authentic sound

I have decades of experience and know how to make your songs come to life with a nice mix of talent and technology.

You might be hearing a big band, or a solo guitar player, it's me, all me, and it's LIVE!

You might be hearing a single voice, or a five stack arrangement of the Andrews sisters or Queen, but, it's me, ALL ME!

I believe not only are the songs themselves important, but, it's also the way they sounded that will take you back.

Whether it's a scratchy grammophone, or early Elvis 'slapback' echo, you're going to feel it, and love it

Audio samples

Santo and Johnny "Sleepwalk"

Garth Brooks

"The Dance"

Alan Parsons "Time"

Garth Brooks

"Friends in low places"


"Dream a little dream"

Del Shannon "Runaway

Roger Miller

"King of the road"

The Animals

"House of the rising sun"

"Man of Constant Sorrow"

Marty Robbins

"El Paso"


A songlist is IMPOSSIBLE because it grows everday. I do specialize in 50's, 60's, and 70's though. I do several Elvis tunes, lots of Beatles, Carpenters, Anne Murray, Jimmy Buffet, Styx, Queen, Mamas and the Papas, Frank Sinatra, Garth Brooks, Bon Jovi, Chubby Checker, Pink Floyd, Kenny Rogers, John Legend, Willy Nelson, Del Shannon, The Doors, Bobby Darrin, Billy Joel, Little River Band, Everly Brothers, Jim Croce, themes from TV and Movies.... See what I mean? IMPOSSIBLE!

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